Building a Custom yacht is a fascinating and beautiful process. The idea of navigating a yacht which is as unique as your fingerprint, isn’t that overwhelming?

Jetten Jachtbouw is the proven specialist in building aluminium yachts up to 30 meters. Our team can turn your wishes into reality like no other one and will guide you perfectly in the process for realizing your own yacht.

Our Yachts are exclusive, as unique is for us each its owner. And for the reason why this sentence could have a real meaning, each our owner will be assisted from one of the most important design and naval project staff in the world which could support him in the realisation of his own Yacht, with his own interiors, exteriors, design and finishing elements, but most of all in the realisation of his own wishes so that the custom built won’t be the privilege and the exclusivity of only a little number of well-off owners or only of who can face to purchase a Megayacht

‘’The sky is not the limit…we go beyond’’

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