Jetten Bully 50


Jetten Bully Port

The all new Jetten Bully 50 Flybridge, a 25-year anniversary edition.

Jetten Bully Bow
Jetten Bully Sideview
Jetten Bully Stern Port
Jetten Bully Stern Starboard

 Jetten Bully 50

In 2022 our shipyard exists for 25 years, we decided to build a new flagship to inaugurate this important event for us. We agreed onto it that it would be a 50-footer as this is the double of our corporate age with 25 beautiful years behind us and another 25 challenging ones to come. Now we had to address the important difficulty of naming this model range.
During an eighteen month period we didn’t come up with a satisfactory name until one of our most valued employees pointed all our noses to our origin and our bestseller boat at the time, the Bully 800/960/1050, which put us on the map and so we agreed this new yacht would be named Jetten Bully 50.

Bully 800/960/1050

The spiritual father was designer Martin Bekebrede who draw the original boat wayback in 1973. First build by Dijkstra in Oppenhuizen, then by Hellingskip and for the last 20 years by Jetten Jachtbouw, eventually evolving, as per 2011, into the Jetten AC aft-cabin.

Bully 700