Jetten Beach 53 IPS

Jetten Beach 53 IPS

Cor D Rover Cor D. Rover’s contemporary design in combination with the technical innovations creates an entirely new class.

Following the demand of the market towards the use of materials with lower maintenance, better performance, durability and more space results in the Jetten Beach 53 IPS.

This composite boat with carbon reïnforcement is totally new in concept and approach for a Dutch shipyard. For the first time Jetten Jachtbouw integrates the well proven Volvo IPS system or traditional shafts resulting in space saving for the engine room and thus giving more living space below deck.

This beautiful yacht has up to 3 cabins with even a full king size bed in the master cabin. Rheinpatent free with adapted height for the French rivers (not Canal du Midi).

With an outstanding performance of 27 – 36 knots depending on the engine selection, this is a real blue water yacht.

Jetten Jachtbouw stands for innovation, quality, reliability and durability.

The Beach series of yachts are also available with factory leasing.



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