Jetten Bommelaer

Jetten Bommelaer

is a luxurious motor yacht which offers the perfect combination of highly favorable cruising characteristics, comfort and a prominent and authentic image. She was originally designed in the Bommelerwaard district in the Netherlands, with a discrete nod towards the commercial shipping trade. Close attention was devoted to detail, though without making concessions.

Particularly striking is the straight stern, with which professional ships used to sail. Traditional lines, however, do not mean that you have saved on comfort and technology: Our boat has a spacious layout and comfortable equipment with L-shaped bench, free-standing table, retractable flat screen and roof hatch from Webasto in the salon. There is also the practical and generously equipped pantry.The latest edition of Jetten Bommelaer is designed by Vripack.

Jetten equips the cockpit area with a comfortable U-shaped seating area and a large, free-standing wooden table. The built-up convertible top converts the cockpit into a second living room. If you want to go to the “open air pool”, you can climb onto the platform via the extended bathing ladder from the aft deck. Together with our interior architect, we design a custom finish which incorporates your own ideas and requirements. The layout, choice of materials and colour scheme are all designed in close consultation with you, to ensure that the finished item matches your own personality.

Jetten Jachtbouw adopts this approach with a view to offering you the level of quality that we stand for. The technical systems and engine room are installed in accordance with the most stringent requirements.

To ensure technical safety in such areas, the shipyard installs, for example, double sea and diesel filters as well as a negative pressure clock that shows when the fuel filters are clogged. Additional safety equipment includes an extinguishing system in the engine compartment, a hand-held fire extinguisher, an engine compartment fan and a large number of electric and manual bilge pumps.

To ensure that you can move safely on the boat, Jetten provides the treads with a bar deck or anti-slip structures and attaches a solid railing to a high coaming. Four cleats, four bollards and the thick fenders are also stable.

The Jetten Bommelaer is a solid boat that travels on canals with no problems due to the moderate headroom, but is just as suitable for long voyages, which underlines the range of around 1000 nm when cruising.

The Bommelaer therefore certainly stands for style and class.

Bommelaer 65

Jetten Bommelaer
The Jetten Bommelaer ‘Blue Water Trawler 65’ is outfitted entirely as you had envisaged. At Jetten Jachtbouw, we take pride in being bespoke yacht builders, creating unique and personalized vessels that exceed your wildest dreams. With our attention to detail and unmatched craftsmanship, we ensure that every aspect of your yacht is tailored to perfection. Experience the epitome of luxury, comfort, and performance with the Bommelaer 65. Contact us today to embark on your extraordinary yachting journey!

Bommelaer 47

Jetten Bommelaer Tender

Welcome to Jetten Jachtbouw, where the art of yacht building meets perfection. As the leading bespoke yacht builders, we passionately create exquisite vessels that are meticulously tailored to your unique desires. From the sleek and captivating lines to the opulent and luxurious interiors, every minute detail of our yachts reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. We invite you to immerse yourself in our extensive gallery of stunning models, including the sophisticated and elegant Bommelaer 65, as well as our exclusive Tender collection, each one designed to redefine yachting luxury. With Jetten Jachtbouw, your dreams come to life as you embark on an extraordinary journey filled with limitless possibilities and extraordinary moments.